Will you add my blog? podcast?

We might! We're always looking for quality Canadian sports content, but consistency, quality, and balance are important to us.

We'll consider adding a blog or podcast if:

  • it's mostly one-team-specific content
  • it's at least one year old
  • it has quality content
  • it has a good user experience
  • it's regularly updated (not necessarily often)
  • there's room in the blog or podcast section

The one-year criteria is the main factor. If you're still going strong into season 2, then you're surely passionate and committed.

We love the incredible energy and enthusiasm that often comes with new blogs or podcasts, but many (most?) succumb to the soul-crushing thanklessness of starting from scratch. Or, you know, you get scooped up by an established site that already has an audience and promotional channels, and start blogging or podcasting there.

Quality of content and user experience is somewhat objective, of course, but there are definitely standards that need to be met. For instance, in the past we declined to add a blog because posts were numerous and typically around 100 words. There’s nothing wrong with a site like this, it’s useful to its users or it wouldn’t have a following, but we didn’t feel as though it added anything to our particular mix of content. We declined to add a podcast because the sound quality was so poor that we thought it would be a poor experience for our users. We’re not looking to be arbiters of quality, in fact we’re trying to remove ourselves and our biases (we all have ‘em) from this process as much as possible.

We’re always trying to balance different types of content as well. When something newsworthy occurs, we want to see beat-writers, columnists, radio, video, blogs, AND podcasts. If we have too many blogs or podcasts (our any source type) then they can overwhelm other content, so we may decline or wait on a source.

Over the years these criteria have helped us be consistent and fair with content creators while keeping the quality high.

We wanted a better way to discover, keep tabs on, and promote a wider array of blogs and podcasts so we made...

The Blog Tracker & Podcast Tracker

We add every team-specific blog or podcast we find to its team's respective Blog/Podcast Tracker. Here we track EVERY Blue Jays, Raptors, Maple Leafs, Canadiens, Canucks, Flames, Oilers, Senators, Jets, and TFC blog/pod we can find, new or old, large or small, witty or boorish. We send our crawler at different times of the day to retrieve new content, and present links to recent content for each, with content from the last 48 hours displayed automatically. If a blog (or podcast) hasn't posted in over a year, it falls off the list and no longer gets crawled.

The Blue Jays Blog Tracker has over 20 active Jays blogs at the time of this writing, and over 100 in the Graveyard.

The Raptors Podcast Tracker, for example, monitors 20+ active Raptors Podcasts (at the time of writing). It's a terrific list of affiliated and independent podcasts, big or small.

We use these pages a lot to monitor and pick new blogs and podcasts for the main site.

If you have (or know of) a blog or podcast that's not on our list, please let us know.