The Recently Added Page

Never miss a thing with our Recently Added section, a reverse-chronological list of everything discovered by our crawlers and admins in the order we found and added it to our sites.

The main page at each Sports Aggregator site is our Curated List. In our opinion this is the best way to quickly get caught up with the current news.

Our main list not only curates content, but also displays it according to the date it was published at its source. You can scroll down that one page and not only get a sense of the news, but its progression/evolution and subsequent reactions in a logical way.

But... From time to time, if our crawler discovers an item well after it was published, or it's held in purgatory until manually approved by an admin, it may end far enough down the page that some users would miss it.

This is where Recently Added comes in. This list will show you every item our system finds, approves and adds to the corresponding Sports Aggregator site.

It shows what we found, when we found it and how we categorized it. If you're the type that doesn't like to miss a thing, our Recent section is for you.

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